Leading agency helps brands to grow by return on meaning

‘Since 2009 the brothers Sheraz and Nawaz Kazmi help brands create results. Not by making money at any cost, but by really being valuable. Hint: the old promise of ‘bigger, faster, cheaper, now’ does not work anymore. Meaningful brands are twice as likely to be successful than their counterparts. MiU is a pioneer on meaningful marketing. Next to help other great brands grow, the brothers also build their own brands. With their broad and above all unique experience they know how to play the game in a wide variety of industries. The reward: happy and returning customers, and ultimately: impact .’

I want succes with my startup or scale-up
I want to grow as a local star
I want to grow as a multinational

What the experts are saying

Seth Godin

‘Marketing is the first thing we do, not the last. Build virality and connection and remarkability into your product or service from the start and then the end gets a lot easier.’

Seth Godin
Umair Haque
‘Meaningful brands beat stock market with 120%.’
Umair Haque Havas Media
Mark Beaty
‘Though companies create brand identities, people create brand meaning.’
Mark Beaty

What the experts are saying about our brands

Stasja Kapitonov

This ode to Papa Kazmi’s cuisine is full of recipes we didn’t know yet. Guided by touching personal stories, family dishes are charmingly introduced by Papa’s offspring. We are fans!

Stasja Kapitonov ELLE (Food)
Pacelle van Goethem

‘Really enjoyed The Persuasive Three. A page-turner full of wonderful ideas.’

Pacelle van Goethem The Netherlands' most sought-after persuasion expert
Anna Nooshin

Without exaggerating, Hills & Mills is not only one of the best eateries in the Netherlands, it is also one of the most genuine business concepts

Anna Nooshin NSMBL