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Expansion strategy in the Netherlands

Thanks to the attractive startup climate, international (tech) companies like Uber, Nextdoor and LinkedIn focuses on the Netherlands more and more often. Amsterdam is known as the innovation capital and the most connected startup city in Europe. However, many leading organizations fail to become successful in the Netherlands. The Dutch a demanding public and you’ll have to put in time and effort to conquer their hearts. You will have to do more than just offering your product in Dutch or copying the strategies that worked in your country. MiU knows exactly how to make an impact in the Netherlands. 

For leading companies


Case study — How Eventbrite conquered the Netherlands

Eventbrite is the largest event technology platform in the world on which more than 2 million events are being organized every year. The collaboration between Eventbrite and MiU started at the beginning of 2016. Shortly after, Eventbrite opened an office in Amsterdam, which became the third Eventbrite office in Europe after London and Berlin. MiU helped putting Eventbrite on the map in the Netherlands by taking care of the strategy, marketing, PR and business development. In January 2017, Eventbrite bought the Dutch company ticketscript and the team of Eventbrite in the Netherlands grew to over 40 employees. By now, Eventbrite is the second largest ticketing platform in Europe.

Local partners. We establish collaborations with leading partners, such as Emerce and the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Exposure in the media. We make sure your brand appears on TV, in the newspapers and the leading online (tech) platforms.
Patrick McLoughlin

‘MiU.agency has been proving its marketing skills for Eventbrite for a while now. Their attention to detail and relentless commitment to quality mean that our customers in the Netherlands have finally received the white-glove treatment they deserve.’

Patrick McLoughlin Manager of localization at Eventbrite

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Fill in the form to plan a Google Hangout or a face to face meeting at our office in Delft or Amsterdam. We will discuss your organization, your ambitions in Europe and your expansion strategy. To guarantee quality we can only help a limited number of organizations to become successful in the Netherlands. So don’t wait too long, before another company takes your spot.

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About the founders

MiU.agency is established by Sheraz and Nawaz Kazmi in 2009. Their father is from Pakistan and their mother from the Netherlands, so the brothers grew up with two completely different cultures. This resulted in the natural ability to adapt to different environments while staying true to their roots. The ‘world citizens’ obtained success with The Pure Family, a modern chain of unique concepts, including salad bar HAKA, restaurant Hills & Mills, cookbook Papa Kazmi and workspace GR!T.

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Frequently asked questions

We help you become successful in the Netherlands. Our services include strategy, marketing, business development, PR, localization and customer service.

International start-ups and scale-ups that want to become successful in the Netherlands. We have a lot of experience in working for tech companies, and we work for all types of leading organizations.

We work with startups as well as scale-ups. The international organizations which we work for often have had one or multiple rounds of investments and have proven to be successful in one or more markets.

You can start working with us at different stages of your company. In a typical collaboration, we start with a short crash course about your organization, followed by a brief research on the market. Soon after, we start doing the real work. Usually, we are there from the very beginning of your company in the Netherlands. As soon as we reach the desired growth, we stay involved as advisors.

Generally, companies who approach us have already done their research themselves before aiming for the Dutch market. If you haven't done your research yet or if you want to have a second opinion, please let us know.

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