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We help brands to create meaning. As a ‘meaningful marketing’ specialist, we realize deep impact. We achieve this by combining three things: psychology, business and creativity.

Hire us for advice, inspiration and as a soundboard.

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MSc Sheraz Kazmi (1985)
Meaningful strategist

✓ Studied Marketing Management at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam
✓ Loves Japan for its culture and its minimalistic style
✓ Loves to cook and is an aspiring DJ

BSc Batul Kazmi (1992)
Meaningful business developer

✓ Studied political science in Leiden
✓ Known as a connector full of energy and enthusiasm
✓ Loves team sports and challenges

MSc Nawaz Kazmi (1987)
Meaningful strategist

✓ Studied Marketing Management at the Erasmus University and Psychology in Leiden
✓ Loves extreme sports
✓ Regularly goes on retreats